Watch: Cave In’s Full Set at the Psycho California Fest


Cave InThe PRP has posted footage of Cave In’s entire set from this past weekend’s Psycho California fest, and damn, it’s giving me chills.

Last time I saw Cave In perform live was maybe four or five years ago at Santo’s Party House in Manhattan. Frankly, they seemed out of gas: there was little energy coming from the stage, the band members seemed to be just going through the motions, and the audience was equally unenthused.

But that is SO not the case with this weekend’s live footage; the dudes seem AMPED to be there and you can just feel the energy, even from the distant vantage-point of my computer monitor. Such is the perspective time away can bring a band; Stephen Brodsky’s been busy with Mutoid Man, and, well… I’m honestly not sure what the other dudes have been up to (Caleb Scofield’s Zozobra hasn’t been active in a hot minute. [EDIT: Although he’s been busy with Old Man Gloom!]), but time apart has done this band well, IMO, even if they’ve performed a scattering of shows here and there.

Check out the footage below. The setlist, posted after the video, is heavy on latter-day Cave In jams with an emphasis on Jupiter, which makes me happy :)

“Dark Driving”
“Youth Overrided”
“Innuendo And Out The Other”
“Halo Of Flies”
“Big Riff”
“Summit Fever”
“Sing My Loves”

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