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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 2, 2015

  • David Lee Rothmund

The Darkness Last Of Our Kind

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to another ass-kicking Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and now, we stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up!


old soulsMake Them Suffer
Old Souls (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with: Aversions Crown, Upon A Burning Body, Thy Art Is Murder
Listen Old Souls full stream (here)

If deathcore ever had a chance to convince its opponents, Old Souls could help. Yes, there’s generic riffs, but flanked by blackenedness and moments where (gasp!) there’s actually restraint where it counts. Make Them Suffer doesn’t reinvent deathcore, but it shows that the subgenre can put out non-hateable shit. (Note: Not The Suffering Spirit by Old Wounds. That’s out June 30.)


Agatha Gravis Atque GraviorAgatha
Gravis Atque Gravior (Chaos Rural)
On a playlist with: Quentin Tarantino
Listen Gravis Atque Gravior full stream (here)

Dear Pamela and Claudia (the two awesome chickas of Agatha): thank you! While bands like Mastodon are getting poppier, your Gravis Atque Gravior demonstrates that the true way is grittier. Fuzzy heftiness with monotone vocals and the power of a locomotive through snow drifts — now that’s how this kind of rock ‘n’ roll should be done!


Mortis MutilatiMortis Mutilati
Mélopée Funèbre (Naturmacht)
On a playlist with: Burzum, W.A.S.P.’s The Neon God, Immortal
Listen Melopee Funebre full stream (here)

If you’re feeling all morbid, Melopee Funebre is your album. Death is the theme, and of course that means long ballads of depressing blackened noise. This is real mood musak; you may not dig it unless you’re digging your own grave.


Cohol rigenCohol
Rigen (Osmose)
On a playlist with: Ondskapt, Enslaved, Satyricon
Listen “Depressive” (here)

An interesting take on blackened metal! Forget about how the post-processing is heavy and the occasional slammy parts — focus on how powerful the fade-in/fade-out of straight-up black metal is. It’s risky!


Pyrrhon - Growth Without EndPyrrhon
Growth Without End EP (Handshake)
On a playlist with: Lord Mantis, Ulcerate, Dendritic Arbor
Listen “The Mass” and “Growth Without End” (hereGrowth Without End EP full stream (here)

Chaos is in. And that’s weird, cause chaos shouldn’t be easy to digest! But in the case of the Growth Without End EP from Pyrrhon (who released last year’s epic The Mother Of Virtues), madness sinks right into your brain without a conscious thought. But unlike some of its playlist buddies, the madness does not give way to any “softer” sides.


Nefarious Dismal Orations reissue (Season of Mist)
On a playlist with: Archgoat, Behexen, Mgla
Listen Nefarious Dismal Orations full stream (here)

If you didn’t catch NFD in 2011, now’s the time. Just be warned that “experiments” have to be a strong consideration. Just like how Liturgy went all post-screamy on their latest, Inquisition went down the path of frogs. Like stepping on frogs (poor little buggers!). Doesn’t matter! Nefarious Dismal Orations is evil and sharp as fuck, plus as weird as your uncle.


Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 2, 2015OTHER SHIT THAT COMES OUT TODAY

Amestigon Their (W.T.C.) listen
Armored Saint Win Hands Down (Metal Blade) listen listen
Autokrator Autokrator (Iron Bonehead) listen
Black Tower Secret Fire (No Idea/Unspeakable Axe) listen
Caustic Method The Virus (Pavement) listen
Ebonillumini-ArktosCoathanger Abortion Observations Of Humanity (Comatose) listen
Cloud Rat Qliphoth (Halo of Flies) listen
Codas Currents EP (Crowquill) listen
» Cult Of Endtime In Charnel Lights (Svart) listen
The Darkness Last Of Our Kind (Kobalt) listen
Deuil Shock/Deny (Consouling Sounds) listen
Diabolicum Ia Pazuzu (Code 666) listen
Festerday The Four Stages Of DecompositionDistant Sun Dark Matter (Metalism) listen
» Ebonillumini Arktos (Wickerman) listen
Encyrcle Encyrcle (Unspeakable Axe) listen
Exorcism World In Sin EP (Dream) listen
Ered Night Of Eternal Doom (War Anthem) listen
» Festerday The Four Stages Of Decomposition collection (Svart) listen
Goatsnake Black Age Blues (Southern Lord) listen
PrionThe Great Discord Duende (Metal Blade) listen
Helloween My God-Given Right (Nuclear Blast) listen listen
Leprous The Congregation (Inside Out) listen listen read
Manegarm Havets Vargar reissue (Black Lodge) listen
Maruta Remain Dystopian (Relapse) listen
The Meads of Asphodel / Tjolgtjar Taste The Divine Wrath split EP (Eternal Death) listen listen listen
SupurationMelvins Electroretard reissue (Ipecac) listen
Nekrogoblikon Heavy Meta (Mystery Box) listen
North Metanoia EP reissue (Prosthetic) listen
North Siberia reissue (Prosthetic) listen
Oblivious Signal Exordium (Pavement) listen
Paradise Lost The Plague Within (Century Media) listen read
Perfect Fault Electric Mountain EP (Cariad) listen
teethgrinderPoltergeist Crocodile Tears (G.O.D.) listen
» Prion Uncertain Process (Comatose) listen
Skinless Only the Ruthless Remain (Relapse) listen read
Sterbhaus New Level of Malevolence (Black Lodge) listen
Stormlord Mare Nostrum reissue (Trollzorn) listen
» Supuration Reveries… (Listenable) listen
» Teethgrinder Misanthropy (Lifeforce) listen
throat» Throat Short Circuit EP (Reptilian) listen
Thrust Fist Held High reissue (Metal Blade) listen
Torture Pulse God Leash (Xtreem) listen
The Vintage Caravan Arrival (Nuclear Blast) listen

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