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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: June 9, 2015

  • David Lee Rothmund

Temple Of Dagon Revelations Of The Spirit

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to another ass-kicking Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and now, we stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up!


Les DiscretsLes Discrets
Live At Roadburn (Prophecy)
On a playlist with: Ajuna, Deftones, Alcest
Listen Live At Roadburn full stream (here)

Two things to note: Les Discrets is an awesome French post-metal band, and this live album (concert performed in 2013) has some spot-on production quality. Now, the French post-metal scene produces some messy and hyper-progressive acts (see Throatruiner Records) — but Les Discrets is smooth, polished, and loaded with shoegaze sensibilities. For totally tuning out, Live At Roadburn is the way to go!


Midnight OdysseyMidnight Odyssey
Shards Of Silver Fade (I, Voidhanger)
On a playlist with: Wolves In The Throne Room, Lustre, Leviathan
Listen Shards Of Silver Fade full stream (here)

This slightly nerdy ambient/atmospheric black metal album is well over two hours long. If the sheer size Shards Of Silver Fade doesn’t impress you, then the sheer mood of it will. Now, there is better/purer/intenser/whatever black metal out there, but Midnight Odyssey makes no joke about who they are: fucking deep, moody, space-out noise from the 23rd century!


Mirror Unveiled (Grimoire)
On a playlist with: Ghost Bath, Weakling, An Autumn For Crippled Children
Listen Mirror Unveiled full stream (here)

Dear drummers: here’s your album this week! Mirror Unveiled features schizophrenic and madly spastic drumming — it even gets to be “too much” at points. But hey, it fits the genre! There’s a lot happening, but Barbelith delivers a brain-fill of magical delight for those with the bandwidth to download it all. Also, the album artwork is pretty spot-on. Check the artist out here.


withering soulEthereal Shroud
They Became The Falling Ash (Northern Silence)
On a playlist with: Wolves In The Throne Room, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Panopticon
Listen They Became The Falling Ash full stream (here)

Thick, British doom. You actually might not expect this level of filth to come out of the United Kingdom (okay, maybe you do). At any rate, They Became The Falling Ash shrieks with pain and suffering and all that juicy shit. Expect the up-and-down emotional swings, doom tempos, and wee little hints of black metal. Noise for the end of the world, and it’s totally free (though you should donate)!


My Sleeping KarmaMy Sleeping Karma
Moksha (Napalm)
On a playlist with: a nice Tuesday afternoon
Listen Moksha snippets (here)

Nothing soothes like instrumental groove: There’s a simplicity and effortlessness to Moksha which few other bands can achieve while retaining such style. My Sleeping Karma as a name rings like My Bloody Valentine — but alas, totally different sounds. Don’t be faked out by the trendy title, get all zoned out by spacey tunes and deft songwriting!


The Ugly DecreationThe Ugly
Decreation (Vicisolum)
On a playlist with: Marduk, Mayhem, Gorgoroth
Listen Decreation full stream (here)

Every so often you find an album which just sounds metal. You can’t put your finger on it, but they have Elements X, Y, and Z in spades. The Ugly is no-nonsense shit: straight-up deathened black metal. Rock the first track “I Am Death” — cool name, by the way — and you’ll immediately be hooked. Should’ve named the album Nicotine. Sickest shit this week.



» Ashtar Ilmasaari (Czar of Bullets) listen
Beauvoir/Free American Trash (Frontiers) listen
Bleed The Sky Paradigm In Entropy reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Bulletboys Elefante (Cleopatra/Deadline) listen
Chainsheart Leaving Planet Hell (Pitch Black) listen
Coffins» Coffins Perpetual Penance (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen
Coldseed Completion Makes The Tragedy reissue (Metal Mind) listen
» Connoisseur Stoner Justice (Tankcrimes) listen
C H R I S T Tower (L’Oeil Du Tigre) listen
Dan Deagh Wealcan Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones? (Total Metal) listen
Darkology Farted To Burn (Prime Eon) listen
ConnoisseurDecrepit Birth Polarity reissue (Metal Mind) listen
» Disarmonia Mundi Cold Inferno (Coroner) listen
» Dogmatic Absolution Poetries of Oppression (Tridroid) listen
Echoes Of Eternity The Forgotten Goddess reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Fight Amp Constantly Off (Brutal Panda) listen listen read
Gamma Ray The Best (Of) (EarMusic) listen
Godgory Resurrection reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Disarmonia MundiGorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis (Soulseller) listen
Grip Inc. Hostage To Heaven EP (KFM) listen
Hollow Haze Memories Of An Ancient Time (Scarlet) listen
Horn Jahreszeiten / Die Kraft der Szenarien reissue (Northern Silence) listen listen
House Of Lords Indestructible (Frontiers) listen
Insect Ark Portal/Well (Autumnsongs) listen
Leere Bleak (Gravity) listen
Dogmatic Absolution Poetries of OppressionLorna Shore Psalms (Density) listen
Mantic Ritual Executioner reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Mendeed The Dead Live By Love reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Mendeed This War Will Last Forever reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Mosaic Ancient Sky (Wharf Cat) listen
Nightslug Loathe (Broken Limbs) listen
» No Consequence Vimana (Basick) listen
No Consequence VimanaNocturnal Possession Spleen Black Metal (Avantgarde) listen
Possession 1585-1646 EP (Iron Bonehead) listen
Rise To Fall End Vs. Beginning (Coroner) listen
Sideburn Evil Or Divine (Metalville) listen
Strengthen What Remains Justice Creeps Slow (Blood & Ink) listen
Temple Of Dagon Revelations Of The Spirit EP (Black Voodoo)  listen
Temple Of Gnosis Mystervm Magnvm (Goathorned) listen
withering soulTidemouth Velvet And Stone (Melotov) listen listen
Tremonti Cauterize (Fret 12) listen
Trixter Human Era (Frontiers) listen listen
Vallendusk Homeward Path (Northern Silence) listen
W. Angel’s Conquest Taste Of Life (Ferrum) listen
» Withering Soul Adverse Portrait (Mortal) listen

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