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Summer Slaughter Celebrity Playlist: Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain’s “Summer in the Backyard” Playlist


Summer Slaughter Idol Listening

MetalSucks is a proud sponsor of this year’s Summer Slaughter tour featuring Arch Enemy, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain, Obscura, After the Burial, Cattle Decapitation and Beyond Creation. We’ve asked one member of every band on the tour to assemble a themed playlist for our Idol Listening series and we’ll be counting down one per week until the tour begins in late July. Get dates for Summer Slaughter right here to make sure you don’t miss it!

Today The Acacia Strain lead screamer Vincent Bennett shares a playlist for summer fun-time BBQ styles and, in the Q&A that follows, tells us a bit about what such such a gathering might be like.

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1. Sick of it All – “Good Lookin’ Out”
2. Obituary – “Body Bag”
3. Allman Brothers – “Jessica”
4. Descendents – “This Place”
5. Cannibal Corpse – “Unleashing the Bloodthirsty”
6. Lorde – “Tennis Court”
7. Type O Negative – “World Coming Down”
8. Pennywise – “Final Day”
9. Led Zeppelin – “Misty Mountain Hop”
10. Prayer for Cleansing – “Sonnet”
11. Jarboe/Neurosis – “Receive”
12. Earth – “Old Black”
13. Sleep – “Dopesmoker”

Your list is about songs to jam in the backyard during the summer. What kinds of items go on Vincent Bennett’s grill?

The usual: burgers, hot dogs, sausages. I like to marinate stuff overnight, especially chicken and steak. I always try to be inventive, too. Last year we wrapped a jalapeno cheddar brat in seasoned ground beef and covered it with cheese. it earned the name “the fat bastard”… and it started a grease fire.

Not listed: Joe Satriani’s “Summer Song.” Discuss.

I listen to music seasonally. These songs and the albums they are on are specific to the music that I have always listened to in the summertime, no matter the song, and Joe Satriani has never been a part of my life. Ever.

Lorde is a controversial figure. What do you dig about her?

I listen to music for the music. I tend to not care what the person does in life, or what people THINK a certain song is about, as long as I like the music. People will always get up in arms about something. I am a fan of female vocalists in general, and the Lorde record just reminds me of summer.

Ever see The Allman Brothers live?

Never had the chance. I know a lot of people who have concert-going parents so I often get invited to stuff like that but I am always on tour when it comes around.

If someone were to wander into your backyard during a summer party, what would they find?

Dog shit, high grass, bocce balls, tennis balls, and lawn darts.

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