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There’s Gonna be a Rob Zombie Pinball Machine


Rob Zombie Live Eyes ClosedI’m a massive sucker for pinball and always have been. At the arcade as a kid you’d always find me in the pinball alley, and to this day anytime I’m at a bar and there’s some old pinball machine in the corner, my introvert nature kicks in and you probably won’t see me for an hour. My phone is loaded with all sorts of pinball apps; the flow never seems to match the intensity of the real thing, but those games are still so much fun.

I haven’t got $5,995 sitting around to blow on a pinball machine for the Vince Division of the MS Mansion (someday!) but the Rob Zombie pinball machine that’s coming in January 2016 looks really fucking cool. Zombie is the perfect subject for the pinball treatment — his image is ripe for fun graphics and kitschy pinball-isms, and his voice was seemingly made to read voiceovers (although 30 variants of his patented “Yeeeaaaahhh” would do the trick just fine). Metal Insider tells us that there will only be 300 copies made — 250 standard edition and 50 limited edition (the latter at $6,495) — the game will feature 10 Rob Zombie songs, custom speech by Zombie and Sid “Captain Spaulding” Haig, and tie-ins to both his music and his films. Artwork will be done by Alex Horley, with some of the pieces in the game being created by Matt from Back Alley Creations.

Watch the trailer below. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any images of the machine itself, so we’ll just need to be patient.



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