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These Kids Have Forever Redeemed Tool For Me

  • Axl Rosenberg

keefe tool soberStill bummed out by Breaking Benjamin’s cover of Tool’s “Prison Sex” from earlier this week? This should wash the horrible taste out of your mouth: The O’Keefe Music Foundation, which Metal Insider explains “is a non-profit music organization that aims to teach children about the recording and music industry by recording them and releasing their music,” has unveiled this video of some of its students covering Tool’s “Sober.” (Previous O’Keefe covers include Tool’s “46 & 2”, “Ghosts Along the Mississippi” by Down and “Cowboys from Hell” and“Revolution is My Name” by Pantera.) It’s part of a new crowdfunding campaign to let the O’Keefe kids record more metal, and it’s great. Yeah, it’s a little weird to hear a young girl wondering “Why can’t we drink forever?” when she really shouldn’t be drinking at all, but whatevs — not only do these kids rock, but they also change just enough of the song to make it their own, which is what every band should do when covering a classic like this.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you don’t like this, you’re dead inside, and I feel bad for you.

Contribute to the crowdfunding campaign here.

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