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Malevolent Creation Bassist Jay Black on President Barack Obama: “It’s Sad to Know That Our Country Has Been Run by a Muslim for This Long Now”


Jay Black, bassist for Malevolent Creation and known racist dick, has, once again, taken to Facebook to indulge in some racist dickery. Normally I’d say that’s bad news, but the guy is such a complete and total moron that it’s hard to read his statement as anything other comedy:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 12.56.49 PMOkey dokey. Some observations and questions for you, Jay:

  • Did your cap lock key get stuck before you wrote this, or were you just dictating to your secretary, David Draiman?
  • You don’t have to tell us that you normally avoid the news. That fact is readily apparent from your post.
  • Re: “WITH ALL THE EVENTS THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE ON 9/11″… I think it was really just the one event on the one 9/11. You make it sound like there were either multiple events on 9/11 (which I guess there were if you consider each plane hijacking its own event, but since it was all part of one large plot, I think it’s generally considered a single happening) or bad things that have happened on multiple 9/11s.
  • I know you’re fairly thick, but at some point, you’ll finally accept that Obama isn’t a Muslim, right? And even if he was… you know that not all Muslims are bad people, don’t you? Like, they didn’t collectively get together and plan 9/11 anymore than all of the metal world got together and planned to let you have a career. Sometimes, crazy assholes just do crazy asshole shit.
  • Islam is a religion, not a place. Therefore, it is impossible for someone to “go back to Islam.” That would be like me telling you to “go back to Cretinous Imbecility.” Cretinous imbecility is a lifestyle you practice, not a location on a map, you cretinous imbecile.
  • Re: “ONE MORE YEAR AND THIS RIDICULOUS RUN IS FINALLY OVER FOR ALL YOU IDIOTS WHO VOTED FOR HIM!” No, one more year and this ridiculous run is finally over for all of us. He won’t be the President for people who didn’t vote him anymore, either, you big dumb dummy.
  • Re: “I SAY WE TAKE BACK OUR COUNRTY IN 2016 AND RETURN TO OUR CHILDREN THE ‘PLEDGE OF THE ALLEGIANCE’ BACK TO IT’S RIGHTFUL OWNERS, AMERICANS!” Not English. And I don’t mean how you misspelled “country.” Read this aloud, Jay, and see if it makes sense. (Spoiler alert: it does not.)
  • Re: “SERIOUSLY, SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING, ‘WHO LET THIS GUY IN OFFICE? FOR 2 TERMS???!!!” The voting citizens of the United States of America. That’s how elections work. For more information, read this. Also worth noting: Obama won the popular vote and the electoral vote in both 2008 and 2012. So you are very literally in the minority of people who did not let this guy in office for two terms. Moron.

Please go to Jay’s Facebook page and let him know how you feel about his comments. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Friendly reminder that Century Media signed Malevolent Creation last year. I hope the band’s new album sells a million copies. Otherwise CM opted to work with racists for no real reason.

Thanks: Paul

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