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Devin Townsend Has Written Another DTP Record, Finished Outline for Symphony

Devin Townsend
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Back in March we learned that Heavy Devy, having now completely pwned rock music and never shy to spread his wings in any which musical way he pleases, was working on a symphony. Said he at the time:

I’m writing a symphony, and I’m going to record it in Belgium in Surround Sound with a visual counterpart. It’s going to have a lot of instruments that are not typical for orchestral stuff – a combination of everything.

I want to have something that goes between the extremes of beautiful to total chaos, like hellish apocalypse. I’d like to have a point to it that isn’t a story – to do with human things, emotions that I currently struggle with because I don’t find myself emotionally very intelligent.

Sounds fun, right?

That symphony is now one step closer to completion: according to a Twitter post early this morning, Devin says he’s now finished its outline. While the concept of an outline might seem somewhat mundane to a rock musician, given all that goes into a symphony for a full fucking orchestra that accomplishment seems plenty impressive to me: map out of the structure of where you want the work to go, then go about the business of filling in the details with each individual instrument and part. An absolutely gargantuan undertaking, for which the work will now begin.

Don’t get too excited just yet, though: it’s gonna be at least a year before we get to hear the finished product. Elaborates Devin:

But wait! There’s more! Never content to just work on just one project at a time, Devin went on to reveal that he’s already completed writing another Devin Townsend Project record:

So we’ll be getting new Devy music of some kind sooner rather than later after all. Great news! And since Devin can read our collective minds wondering how he possibly writes and releases music so fast and so often, he offered this:


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