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David Draiman is Trying to Ruin Weed


DARE TO RESIST DRAIMANSo there’s apparently a song on the new Disturbed album that features the lyric “When I need to spark a bit of inspiration and the melody feels like it’s trapped inside,” which, as you can probably guess, is about marijuana. Turns out, ganja has been the key to unlocking Disturbed vocalist David Draiman’s creativity for years. The singer tells Revolver

“Ninety-five percent of the songs I’ve written in my life, I’ve written them while high. That’s the god’s honest truth. I’ll have a very skeletal musical idea in my head, and then I’ll light one up, go in the shower and let the steam kind of build up… it helps me relax, and I can see the gaps. I can see the holes in the rhythm and the melody and I’ll know where I can go, and what the possibilities are. It helps me be able to perceive everything a little bit more clearly.”

The easy takeaway from this is “Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad, drugs are responsible for the creation of Disturbed and their stupid monkey noises.” But that’s a too-simple generalization, ’cause weed has been responsible for so many of mankind’s greatest works of art, including this website, which was recently named “The Single Greatest Thing to Ever Be Created” by the imaginary Charlie Rose who interviews us in my head.

I think the real lesson to be learned here is that, as Draiman puts it, herb allows you to release “what’s trapped inside.” Or, to paraphrase the Dr. Abraham Erskine, weed “amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse.” So before smoking weed, take a real good look in the mirror and make sure that you have something inside you worth sharing, be it music, literature, or snarky metal blogs in dire need of a copy editor. Otherwise, stick to something a little less intense, like bath salts.

[via Metal Injection]

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