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Mushroomhead May or May Not Know That Ohio Was in the Union


The world gives zero fucks about Mushroomhead. And so, like a girl whose daddy didn’t give her enough attention growing up, the band will now do anything, no matter how desperate or pathetic, for attention.

Case in point: they’re capitalizing on the recent controversy surrounding the use of the Confederate flag on metal merch by spotlighting this piece of merch on their Facebook page, where it appeared with a link to buy and no additional text.

mushroomhead confederate flag tankThe dumbest part about this ill-advised piece of shit merch is that Mushroomhead are from Cleveland, OH… and Ohio was in the Union during the Civil War. So Mushroomhead can’t even make some flaccid argument about celebrating their heritage or whatever; this is simply exploitation.

I’d be angrier, but I’m guessing they’ll sell like three of these. Hope it was worth it, fellas.

[via The PRP]

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