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Stream Krallice’s New Album Ygg huur in Full Right Now


Krallice - Ygg huurSet album release dates? Pre-release hype? Who needs ’em! Krallice certainly don’t. The New York City progressive black metallers dropped a brand new album yesterday with no warning whatsoever other than “new album coming soon” some time ago, and that album — Ygg huur — is available for streaming below and purchase on Bandcamp for just seven bones right now.

What’s it sound like? Well, I’m listening to it for the first time right along with you so I’m not in a position to judge just yet, but I’m about halfway through the album’s second track and so far my impression is that it’s a touch more experimental and less overtly melodic than their previous works. Don’t quote me on that, though; I’m just a lowly metal blogger with an opinion and, like I said, I’ve barely dug in here.

No word yet on what Ygg huur means, but I imagine its pronunciation describes drummer Lev Weinstein’s feelings of frustration upon learning that the deal to bring Carlos Gomez to the Mets fell through last minute. Ugh. Typical Mets.

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