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Devin Townsend to Release Ziltoid Live Blu-ray


Devin Townsend to Release Ziltoid Live Blu-rayWhen the so-prolific-it’s-scary Devin Townsend announced a special Ziltoid performance in London last year, I hoped that like his previous very special performance in London, The Retinal Circus, this one would eventually be released on Blu-ray, so we could all enjoy the magic from the comfort of our living room.

Leave it to Devy to make dreams come true!

Just in time for Christmas! If any of you feel like getting me a present.

BTW: the reason the above tweet begins with “also” is because it followed this series of messages:

“Looks like Casualties Of Cool is going to be re-released (official release) on Inside Out records next year… : )…including a DVD of the show we did at Union Chapel. The commercial release doesn’t have the bonus disk though… The audio one I mean…”

So, that’s basically TWO live concert films of Townsend projects we’re getting within the next year, in addition to whatever else he has in the pipeline (his book, his television series, his breakfast cereal, his singles cruise, his chain of on-the-go enema propreitors, etc.). Does this guy spoil us or what?

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