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Twitching Tongues Will Make You Feel “Disharmony”


Twitching Tongues - HarmonyIt’s been way too long since we’ve heard anything from Twitching Tongues, but with patience comes reward: not only do they have an album on the way — with a new single and video to boot — but they’ve moved up to the big leagues and signed with Metal Blade Records. Congrats, dudes!

Twitching Tongues’ blend of metal and hardcore is incredibly difficult to pin down — which is part of what makes them so awesome — but I like the way I described them in 2013, so I’m sticking with it: like a mix between “Life of Agony, Cro-Mags and Celtic Frost; the band’s overall approach is decidedly rooted in punk, but there are less-than-subtle metal overtones all over the place.” Their new song, “Disharmony,” also carries with it some Southern sludge influence in the slow, chuggy riffs and particularly in the vocals: Colin Young sounds like a mix of modern-day Phil Anselmo and Kirk Windstein rolled into one, crooning and bellowing his way through this dynamic track.

Check out the video for “Disharmony” below. The new album of the same name comes out on October 30th and can be pre-ordered here.

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