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Five Finger Death Punch Sold More Albums First Week Than Iron Maiden :(



Five Finger Death Punch / Iron Maiden

1. Old people still buy albums

This applies to both bands. We know who Iron Maiden’s demo is (although they’ve certainly done a remarkable job over the years of staying relevant and bringing in younger fans), but it can’t be forgotten that Five Finger Death Punch appeal to an older audience too; it’s not scene kids buying their records.

2. Radio can still move units

Write built-for-radio songs with pop structures and catchy choruses like Five Finger Death Punch do, and if they catch on they can still propel album sales like nothing else can.

3. There is still a healthy demand for physical product

I know, it confuses me too, but see #1 above.

4. Iron Maiden are more vital and popular than ever

The Book of Souls marks the sixth straight time Iron Maiden have increased sales from album to album, starting with 1998’s Virtual XI, and at #4 is their highest chart position ever.

5. Five Finger Death Punch are really fucking popular

Got Your Six matches FFDP’s highest ever chart position at #2, and also represents an increase in sales from their last album. And yet I still haven’t met anyone who professes to like them. Call it Nickelback Syndrome?

6. “Cool” is still cooler than “nerdy”

Everyone loves to talk about how nerdy is the new cool, but when it comes to metal, tough guy posturing still wins.

7. Musical talent is not that important

But you already knew this.

8. All publicity is good publicity

Remember the fracas involving FFDP ditching frontman Ivan Moody on-stage mid-show? And then the domestic abuse allegations against him? What about Bruce Dickinson’s battle with tongue cancer? If a band can stay in the press in any way possible it’ll probably help them move units, although there’s no way to prove this empirically. (And no, I’m not suggesting Dickinson’s cancer was a PR stunt — the band handled it SUPER tastefully).

9. The metal world needs gateway bands

Five Finger Death Punch apologists like to point out that everyone who eventually gets into the more real/extreme stuff needs gateway bands to introduce them to metal, and for that reason FFDP provide a valuable service. They are correct. But I will remind you that Iron Maiden were that gateway band for a lot of us, too, present company included.

10. Metal is still a force to be reckoned with

I can’t imagine major label execs aren’t looking at two metal albums in the top four this week and not wondering if maybe they should be getting in on the gravy train.

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