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Listen to the “Zenith” of Unreleased Ghost Songs


a ghost walks home alone at nightSo what’s the consensus on Ghost’s Meliora? Just kidding, I don’t care about the opinions of you shit people. I think the album is swell, though, and if you’re smart enough to agree with me, this will probably be of interest to you: “Zenith,” a bonus track from the deluxe edition of Meliora!

Unsurprisingly, the song is really cool. Not only is it as catchy as melted dog shit on the bottom of a sneaker on a hot summer’s day, but it has a lot of cool keyboard stuff going on, which at various points during the song makes it sound like an 80s pop song, a 30s horror movie, and a John Carpenter theme. Sweet.

Check out “Zenith” below. Meliora is out now.

[via The PRP]

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