Someone Built a Functional Guitar out of Legos


Lego GuitarYou know how when you were a kid playing with your Legos you were all like, “Let’s build a whole HOUSE out of legos and live in it!” and your dad was like, “Yeah, let’s!” just to humor you? An Italian man turned one of those childhood fantasies into reality, building a completely functional guitar out of legos — everything except for the hardware, electronics and neck.

Italian luthier Nicola Pavan assembled the guitar himself, the body shape of which roughly resembles a Fender Jaguar: “You might be thinking that under that layer of Lego there is some type of wood that forms the support, but you are wrong. The body is made entirely of Lego and without any kind of glue between the various blocks,” says Mr. Pavan on his official website.

Pavan concedes that the plastic body doesn’t bode well for the guitar’s ability to stay in tune, but at least it plays; check out the video below via Guitar World.

As for how it sounds? Well… it sounds like you’d expect a guitar that’s made out of hollow pieces of interlocking plastic to sound. But still: a guitar made out of Legos!! 10-year-old Vince and modern-day Vince alike are freaking out about this.

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