Watch: “The Law” of Whitechapel’s New Live DVD


Whitechapel live dvdWe could wager that in the concert setting it’s easiest to get into Whitechapel. That’s where a “serious” metal fan is best seduced by a band from outside their wheelhouse. For in this venue, the unspoken laws of reciprocity apply, in which we feel the pull to repay a performer’s efforts with our attention. From there, our focus is sustained longer than at home, where with a click we can make Whitechapel disappear into silence. Meanwhile, we’re swayed by Whitechapel’s many satisfied customers freaking out around us.

That’s most of the battle: Once Whitechapel has a concertgoer’s attention, they reward it with one tiny pulse of pleasure after another. Bit by bit, you start to love their three guitarists, their mellow vibe that’s only a bit nauseously earnest (see: every commercial metal band), and their momentum. So maybe even Whitechapel’s upcoming concert CD/DVD, The Brotherhood Of The Blade (out Friday), will snag more of metal’s most reluctant listeners — though its accompanying documentary displays a level of gravity more apt for the tale of the first-ever atomic bomb. No biggie, just crank up this awesome new live track (below) and avoid its trailer (below below).

Whitechapel’s The Brotherhood Of The Blade CD/DVD is out Friday via Metal Blade. Pre-order here and here.

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