Bloodiest’s “Mesmerize” Will Leave You in a Trance


Have you ever woken up, looked out the window to see some craptacular rainy weather and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I had something to play that isn’t Opeth?” Probably not, but hey, there’s always the small chance that somewhere an Opeth fan is upset and swearing that they’re done with the band.

If the above describes you then “Mesmerize,” the new single from Bloodiest’s upcoming self-titled album, is the perfect combination of atmosphere, gloom and groove to get you through the day. Bloodiest don’t particularly like Opeth, but rainy weather (presumably sunny weather too) and this song make a great pair; just like Batman and Robin, punk rock and any three power chords, and alcohol and poor decisions. So should you need something to make the rain go away, give “Mesmerize” a listen.

Bloodiest’s self-titled album drops January 15th, 2016 via Relapse Records, and you can preorder it physically here and digitally here.


[via Noisey]

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