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Pop Evil Miss Really Obvious Ways to Get High in New Video for “Ways to Get High”


FB_IMG_1444188151324_zpskvoyuldoGiven the staggering amount of drugs one would need to enjoy the band’s horrible music, you’d think that Pop Evil’s “Ways to Get High” would include some actual advice re: ways to get high. But you’d think wrong: not only do the lyrics not contain a single reference to marijuana, mushrooms, ecstasy, opium, speed, LSD, cough syrup, huffing, cocaine, heroin, meth, or bath salts, but the video is just a lame series of clichéd “psychedelic” images that aren’t even as cool as the shit you can see for free on your iTunes visualizer.

And the song sucks.

Get down with “Get High” below. Funny enough, it’s on an album called UP, har har.

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