Listen: A “New White” Glassjaw Return For Real This Time?

  • Anso DF

Released back at the turn of the century, Glassjaw’s two albums were explosive. About five minutes in to either record by the 21-year olds, any listener can identify their theme: a bad relationship and its ensuing shitfit. It was tricky, these jams that could take over the life of a casual fan and cause a diehard GJ follower to roll their eyes a lot. Such was the band’s vibe about women who committed the crime of no longer desiring the young men of Glassjaw.

We agree that it would require awesome music to overcome such an obstacle. Check, the best of those albums is glorious. As such, a fan expected Glassjaw’s profile to grow to match Refused, At The Drive-In, and other popularly- and critically- heralded heavy, hunky bands of 2002. But here in 2015, we know Glassjaw didn’t stoop to that: Singer/spaz Daryl Palumbo stepped away to do two awesome skinny-jeans rock albums with his band Head Automatica, guitarist Todd Weinstock departed contentiously, two big label deals withered, and so followed like a decade of promises, tiny tours, line-up shuffles, illness, merch, and weak EPs. So bizarre. People kept asking me if they were trust fund kids or what.

My theory: To be a Glassjaw fan is to be the victim of a bad relationship, one just like those that Palumbo is frothing about on their classic albums. By 2005, it seemed like they were over “being Glassjaw” yet still kept fans hanging on for their own gratification, all surly and elusive. Abuse truly is passed down.

That’s why it was with trepidation on Monday that we shook hands with “New White Extremity,” Glassjaw’s first new jam since the last of those EPs back in 2011. But good news, Glassjaw still can be Glassjaw. “Extremity” is righteous proof of that; it berates an unnamed betrayer, trades in cloudy terms and squalls, leans back and tumbles forward, and sports a typo-ish title. And Palumbo is money. Is this real????

Glassjaw’s new jam”New White Extremity” is probably on their upcoming third album but there’s no release date or info because why would our feelings matter at this point. Pre-order it under Ross Robinson’s ballbag.

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