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New Babymetal Album Coming in April 2016!!!!


Babymetal 2015We ordinarily don’t post “band announces new album” pieces here at MetalSucks unless there’s new music to go along with it, because there are just too damn many albums being announced all the time to fit them all into our 15-a-day post schedule with all the other stuff we do.

But Babymetal are no ordinary band. We’re talking about the young ladies who released the very best album of 2014!

Babymetal posted on their Facebook page yesterday that a new album and world tour are planned for 2016, with the as-of-yet unnamed album set to arrive on April 1st — “Fox Day” — and the tour so far consisting of a date in London and one at the Tokyo Dome. Watch the video trailer that came with the announcement, which teases some typically mysterious subject matter for the new album:

Blabbermouth has some quotes from the band (taken from an uncited source).


I will be putting my everything into the production of our upcoming album because I believe that many of you are waiting for it. We are looking forward to meeting our fans abroad again next year at Wembley Arena right after the release of our second album, so you can expect to hear our new songs for the very first time live there. Performing at Tokyo Dome next year still feels like a dream, but I am going to work towards building up my confidence to stand on that stage and I hope to continue growing through our upcoming world tour.


Despite the revelation tonight, I still can’t imagine that that day would come, when we would perform at Tokyo Dome. On top on that, our new album will be released on Fox Day, so I promise you that we will come up with an album that will betray your expectations — in a good way, of course.

Babymetal mastermind/creator Kobametal:

I continue to believe that the songs of Babymetal continue to push them forward to discover new possibilities. Since the release of Babymetal’s debut album in 2014, we have been racing across the globe non-stop on our world tour. Through the last tour I have come across people from all over the world and have had the chance to feel that miraculous moment when everyone came together via Babymetal.

Are you excitebike yet??? I can’t wait.

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