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Stream the New Protest the Hero Song “Cold Water”


Protest the Hero - Cold WaterNow that we’re three songs deep into Protest the Hero’s subscription service experiment, what do we think of the model? Is it a badass way for fans to get new PtH music first? Or is it a little too exclusive, preaching only to the converted? Both, perhaps?

“Cold Water” is the latest song to be released from the six-song, one-per-month subscription EP Pacific Myth. It’s a classic Protest the Hero banger with the band’s trademark guitar interplay and Rody Walker’s cinematic voice front and center. Subscribers can stream it right here, and those who aren’t subscribed yet can sign up at that link and stream all three tracks released so far. “Ragged Tooth” and “Tidal” came out on the 15th of November and October, respectively.

As an aside, how sweet has the artwork been for these releases? Each track’s got an accompanying image that’s as detailed and gorgeous as a proper album cover — not half-assed like most bands’ “covers” for singles. Not that we’d expect any less from Protest.

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