In the Name of Our God, Listen to Rotting Christ’s “In Nomine Dei Nostri”


I recently saw this trailer for CSI: Golgotha and seriously thought to myself, “Hm, not even putting Rotting Christ on the soundtrack as an ironic touch would make see this piece of crap.”

But I may have spoken too soon: Rotting Christ have released another awesome new song, “In Nomine Dei Nostri”(“In the Name of Our God”), from their forthcoming album Rituals… and between this and the album’s first single, “Elthe Kyrie,” I’m starting to think that Rituals is going to be so good it really WOULD persuade me to see Law & Order: Special Martyrs Unit. Not that I’ll have to make such a choice. I’m just trying to convey the very, very, very highly quality of “In Nomine Dei Nostri.”

Could the incredible power of Rotting Christ make you see a movie about a rotting Christ? Listen to “In Nomine Dei Nostri” below and find out! Rituals comes out February 12 on Season of Mist; pre-order it here.

[via Metal Underground]

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