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Cultist Release Debut EP Three Candles (Feat. Members of Skeletonwitch and Howl)

  • Phil Boozeman


What happens when you put Skeletonwitch, Howl and Mockingbird in a blender? Lots of blood, dismemberment and probably some sort of  lawsuit. But what happens when you do it metaphorically? You get Cultist.

As you have probably figured out by now, Cultist are a supergroup made up of members of the three aforementioned bands. Cultist’s music is a combination of upbeat rock and fuzzy/psychedelic guitars and is a complete departure from the members’ other bands, especially Skeletonwitch. The songs are quite atmospheric at parts, especially the beginning riff of “Consuming Damnation,” which sounds like a haunted house learned how to play the guitar.

From the sound of the Three Candles EP, Cultist will the a good band to play early in the morning when you need to wake up, or after work with a big, fat bowl of that stinky green stuff the guy in the Pantera shirt sells behind the public library. I’m kidding of course. No one uses libraries anymore. Except for the guy in the Pantera shirt.

Cultist’s EP Three Candles is out now. You can listen to/buy it below or at their Bandcamp profile here.

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