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Chris Fronzak’s Cars Have Their Own Instagram Account Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

One interesting contrast between rock music and its various subgenres and rap music and its various subgenres is the way that whereas rap celebrates bling, rock shuns it. A big part of the success of, for example, Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel is predicated on their images as blue collar guys, even though they’ve both been mega-rich rockstars for more than forty years now (Joel’s debut album came out in ’71, Springsteen’s followed in ’73). In metal terms, this means Metallica catch flack for shopping at upscale stores and flaunting the sales of their multimillion-dollar art collections, while hip-hop videos so frequently feature dudes on yachts that the concept has become fodder for satire.

So… are rock acts that have clearly been influenced by hip-hop exempt from the “Don’t Gloat About Your Wealth” rule? I’ve honestly never thought about it before. So I’ll be curious to see fans’ reaction to the new Instagram account that Attila’s Chris Fronzak has launched purely so he can show off his very expensive car collection. Fronzak has made no secret of his wealth in the past, but still: cars are a frivolous purchase, and a whole Instagram account devoted solely to the cars of one man seems kinda like rubbing people’s faces in it.

Then again, I guess you don’t buy cars that look like this unless you really wanna call attention to yourself. So maybe what this Instagram account’s creation tells us is that Fronzak really needs a hug.

Some samples from the account are below. You can see the rest here.

The whole squad ????????

A photo posted by Chris Fronzak (@teamfronz) on

I hope you all are having an amazing Christmas ????

A photo posted by Chris Fronzak (@teamfronz) on

Click the 3 dots in the top-right corner of my page and turn on my post notifications! ???????? A photo posted by Chris Fronzak (@teamfronz) on

[via Lambgoat]

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