Shove Sylosis Up Your Janus with “Different Masks on the Same Face”

  • Axl Rosenberg

According to vocalist/guitarist Josh Middleton, Sylosis’ new single, “Different Masks on the Same Face,” is “sort of leftover from the Dormant Heart writing period” (Dormant Heart, in case you don’t know, being the band’s 2015 release.) Even as a Sylosis super-fan, I was lukewarm on Dormant Heart. So, not shocking, I’m also lukewarm on “Masks.” Don’t get me wrong: it’s not bad. There’s definitely some cool parts. It’s just the sock-off-knocker that the material on Edge of the Earth and Monolith was.

Check out the song below; I sincerely hope you get way more into it than I did. Middleton calls it “a kind of one-off single,” meant to promote the band’s UK tour with Decapitated, which kicks off later this week. Dates for that tour are on the admat at the bottom of this post.


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