Metal Legacies

Metallica’s Master of Puppets Was Released Thirty Years Ago Today


metallica master of puppets 30th birthday cake

On March 3, 1986, Metallica released their third album, Master of Puppets. It would be their last with bassist Cliff Burton before he was killed in a tragic bus accident, and to this day, many fans consider it to be Metallica’s masterpiece (some people even claim it was Metallica’s last good album). Amazingly, this is one Master that still holds as much power now as it did thirty years ago, and Metallica’s increased success since the album’s release suggests that, like classic albums by The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and other bands of their ilk, Master of Puppets will continue to be passed down from generation to generation, perpetually ruining kids’ lives in the best possible way from now until the end of time.


Celebrate by going back to the front and cranking Master of Puppets as obnoxiously loud as you can all day long. Rolling Stone also has a really great retrospective on the record that’s worth checking out, and includes interviews with all three surviving members of the band, as well as producer Flemming Rasmussen.


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