The Babymetal “Karate” Video is Here!

  • Axl Rosenberg

What’s really interesting about Babymetal’s video for “Karate” — the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Metal Resistance — is that it’s not very complicated. The ladies do some karate moves and choreographed dancing (which they probably had to learn anyway for live performances), there’s a costume change (they look like Anti-Nameless Ghouls), there’s some creative editing, and there are some fairly basic, trippy, iTunes Visualizer-style effects. And, oh right, the soundtrack, which might be the best metal song released in Q1 2016.

In fact, the more I listen to it, the more I’m convinced that someone has finally found a way to make so many of the horrible “core” clichés from the past fifteen years actually work. Was every shitty metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, softcore, Entombedcore, thugcore, electrocore, gorecore, clowncore, Meshuggahcore, Christcore, dorkcore, forecore, postcore, borecore, torecore, Thorcore, whorecore, corpscore, and Aurora Corealis song worth it if it all led us to this?

Check out the “Karate” video below and decide for yourself! Metal Resistance comes out April 1. Get all of Babymetal’s upcoming U.S. tour dates here.

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