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Long Live The Jelly Jam (Feat. Members of Dream Theater and King’s X)


the Jelly Jam - ProfitThose not already familiar with The Jelly Jam might expect something heavy, proggy and shreddy based on pedigree of the all-star trio, which includes King’s X guitarist Ty Tabor, Dream Theater bassist John Myung and Winger / Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein. But The Jelly Jam is none of those things, instead a band that allows its members to do what side projects do best: stretch out into sonic territory they can’t explore within the confines of their day job bands.

Check out “Stain on the Sun” from their forthcoming album Profit and you’ll see what I mean; the song is vaguely proggy, sure, I’ll give you that, but it’s more classic rock n’ roll with shades of fusion and metal tossed in than anything. Ty Tabor’s influence on the sound is the most noticeable — all those King’s X-isms! he produced this, and the band’s other three albums, too — but it’s not overpowering, and result is something distinct to these three particular players.

The whole album isn’t this light, don’t worry, so I’ve included an older track — “Not Today,” from 2002’s self-titled debut — for reference.

Profit comes out May 27th. Order it here.

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