Synthwave Sunday: Victor Love & Dynatron, “ネオ東京 Downtown”


Later this year, Theta Division Games will release VirtuaVerse, a point and click adventure game that, from the looks of it, combines the mystery and intrigue of classic P&C titles like Deja Vu and Shadowgate with the grittiness and attitude of Ninja Gaiden. Valenberg, whose pixelated animations appeared in Perturbator’s recent video for “Sentient” — and who’s built quite a name for himself in the pixel art and synthwave communities — designed the game.

But all that’s in the future. For now we’ve got a song from the game soundtrack, with music by Victor Love and additional synths by Dynatron, called “ネオ東京 Downtown” (translation: “Neo Tokyo Downtown”). It’s a classic dark synthwave banger that’ll have you bopping, grooving and dancing, all within the cozy confines of your desk chair, and wondering what awaits in the shadowy world of VirtuaVerse.

The video is set to a looping visual preview of the opening scene from the game; What’s on that poster? Who sprayed the tag? Why is there a pill?? Who knew a five-second animation could inspire such intrigue, but I’m dying to play this game. The video description promises a “playable beta soon;” let’s hope! And while we’re at it, let’s hope the rest of the soundtrack rips this hard, too.

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