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Website Photoshops Dogs in Place of Bass Guitars Because Why Not?

  • Axl Rosenberg

I don’t think there’s any need to explain the speciality of the website Bass Dogs. (Quick side note: some small part of me might have preferred that the site be called “Bass Hogs,” just because it rhymes with “Space Hog.”) What’s really great about the ridiculous concept is the way it’s exploited — which is to say, I imagine that a lot of thought goes into what breed of dog each bassist “plays.” Like, matching Naplam Death’s Shane Embury with this poodle was a stroke of genius, because they basically have the same haircut:

Shane Embury Bass DogOkay so some of the Photoshopping could have been better (yeah yeah, pot calling kettle black, shut up) — it really wouldn’t be all that hard to remove all traces of the basses entirely, rather than just putting the dogs over them — but still, this is delightful. Below are some of my other favorite metal/hard rock-related ones; you can see all of them here.

Geddy Lee Bass Dogs Rob Trujillo Bass Dog Robert DeLeo Bass Hog Cliff Burton Bass Dog Steve Harris Bass Dog

[via Metal Insider]

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