Here’s Another Country Song by Morbid Angel’s David Vincent, “Drinking with the Devil”


Whether David Vincent is in or out of Morbid Angel (technically speaking I believe he’s out right now) he’ll always be “Morbid Angel’s David Vincent.” As much so as Trey Azagthoth, Vincent was and is that band. It’s a Waters/Gilmour kinda thing.

But following his adventures into country music these past few months sure have been entertaining. And refreshing, too: sooooo many metal musicians push far through their creative primes to the point where it’s embarrassing to watch, so it’s encouraging to see someone say, “Ya know what, I’ve had enough of that death metal stuff, it’s for the young’uns. Let me try something else that’s more in line with what I actually want to be doing now.” Kerry King and Ozzy and Dave Mustaine and and and and and could all take a lesson from Vincent. At least give Metallica credit for trying something outside the box with Lulu, even though it sucked.

Anyway, here’s Vincent and his band — which also consists of Danny B. Harvey of The 69 Eyes and The Head Cat (Lemmy’s rockabilly supergroup) and drummer Slim Jim Phantom of The Stray Cats — performing “Drinking with the Devil” at a show in Austin over the weekend. Given Vincent’s legendary death metal bellow I never would’ve imagined he’d be able to sing country this well, but damn, his voice is low and sexy and sounds damn good, as does the band. Bring this show on the road, fellas!

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