Former Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Announces Announcement


Did people used to announce announcements in olden times, before color television, the polio vaccination, and Twitter? I honestly can’t remember anymore. It seems, to me, not only silly, but also demonstrative of a real lack of self-confidence, a tacit admission that people might not care about the announcement itself without the announcement of the announcement.

But whatever I guess. Joey Jordison doesn’t agree with me. And in his case, he may actually require a pre-announcement announcement because he was long perceived as the Head of Slipknot but he turned out to be the David Silveria.

The PRP notes that this pre-announcement announcement “didn’t make it to the Scar the Martyr [social media] accounts,” so this may have nothing to do with that band. Which is probably for the best, because no one cared about that band anyway.

The announcement itself arrives in just a couple of hours, so we’ll know the big news soon.

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