Video: Dude Plays Every Songs on Megadeth’s Rust in Peace in One Minute


“May-tallica,” you say? How about Maygadeth?

While Rob Scallon is busy pumping out entertaining Metallica covers all month (so far: “Blackened” on the ukulele and “Master of Puppets” on the banjo), one YouTuber has decided to get into the game with Maygadeth, but with his own patented take on it. You might remember Paschalis Theotokis from such videos as “75 Lamb of God songs in Seven Minutes” and “99 Metallica Songs in Ten Minutes” — seamlessly squeezing entire bands’ catalogues into short time frames is his thing, man — and now he’s giving Megadeth the same treatment, except he’s extending it over the month of May and dividing it into a separate videos.

First up: Rust in Peace, condensed into a minute. Theotokis plans to tackle just the trilogy of classic ‘Deth albums — Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia — and we hope he’ll sport era-appropriate attire and hair as well, as he has in his previous videos.

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