Check Out 45 Seconds of Drums from the Next Pig Destroyer Album


It hasn’t been quite long enough since the release of Book Burner to start praying to Jesus for a new Pig Destroyer album… but it’s getting there. The good news is, the band is working on new music. The better news is, drummer Adam Jarvis (also of Misery Index and Fulgora fame) has shared some of that music via a Facebook post. Metal Injection points out that it doesn’t necessarily sound grindy in the traditional sense. But seriously who the fuck can really tell anything from watching this other than that Adam Jarvis is a great drummer?

So when will the new Pig Destroyer album come out? It’s encouraging that they’re being so open about working on it, but I’d guess we have a not insignificant amount of time left to wait. Key in mind that Scott Hull is an essential piece in this puzzle, and that dude has a million things on his plate at any given time, including his wife and kids, making three more Agoraphobic Nosebleed EPs, producing/mixing whatever other grind bands he’s working with at the moment, and his “real” job doing top-secret computer shit for Uncle Sam. So be patient! Remember: Pig Destroyer ALWAYS ends up being worth the wait. ALWAYS.

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