Some Guy Covered a Born of Osiris Song on an Accordion and Bagpipes


This one’s for all the accordion and bagpipe players in the world who thought they’ve be subject to a life of nerdery and obscurity, never to see the bigtime, and certainly never to be involved in anything metal: you CAN do it, thanks to the magic of the Internet!

Elohim Sabaoth, with help from his E-an-na bandmate Ovidiu Ban, has recorded a cover of the Born of Osiris track “Machine” using an accordion and bagpipes, and has thusly ascended into the echelon of supercool Internet music geeks. I’m amazed he’s able to so deftly handle just one of these instruments, let alone both — hand me a bagpipe and I’m pretty sure I’d just ask which end the milk comes out of.

Watch the clip below, and listen to some of his band’s music too.

Thanks David M.

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