Listen to Another New Orbs Track “Dreamland II” (Members of BTBAM, ex-Cradle of Filth)


A couple of weeks ago, Orbs — the long-running prog project featuring Between the Buried and Me bassist Dan Briggs, keyboardist Ashley Ellyllon (ex-Cradle of Filth, ex-Abigail Williams) and vocalist Adam Fisher of Fear Before the March of Flames — released a new track, “Exploded Birds.” Orbs play challenging, bizarre music that’s tough to classify, but an MS commenter by the name of Anonymouse really nailed it when he compared the band to Sigh, the weirdo Japanese black/prog/jazz outfit we’ve long been fans of on this site.

Orbs have now released another new song called “Dreamland II,” and it’s no less bizarre — and also no less awesome — than the first, but it’s somehow easier to process through the lens of Anonymouse’s Sigh reference. There’s also this description of the track from vocalist Fisher:

“Dreamland II” is first and foremost named after one of my favorite yet most terrifying episodes of  X-Files where two lovers are fused together. That leads me to the meaning of the song. I never actually walked in on my parents doing the dirty, and if I did, I repressed it.

I did however watch the 60 Minutes about Mark Tatum losing his face to a vicious rare type of mold. He had to get a prosthetic face. Google it. I based the song off wondering what it is that gives us fetishes and forms us sexually. It also dives into my battles with sleep paralysis. I do not sleep with a knife next to my bed anymore. Now I have a Louisville slugger.

OK, so maybe that part doesn’t make the song any easier to unpack! But perhaps that just means it’ll be even more rewarding when you eventually do.

New album Past Life Regression comes out July 15th and can be pre-ordered here.

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