Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week

Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week: Win CDs from Death and Gruesome!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Congrats to  readers Sam Anderson and Emlyn Jones! They were the ONLY two readers to correctly identified last week’s logo as belonging to the band Gurgling Diarrhea. For being so much better than everyone else, one of them will win a vinyl copy of Opeth’s Lamentations, and one of them will win a vinyl reissue of Paradise Lost’s Shades of God. Congrats, Sam and Emlyn!

But don’t cry if you lost, because this week we’ve got another sweet prize to give away: two CDs from Relapse Records that are both thematically linked and totally killer! First up is the label’s reissue of Death’s canonical Scream Bloody Gore; then comes Dimensions of Horror, the latest release from the Death-worshipping Gruesome!!! You can buy the Scream Bloody Gore reissue here, or the Dimensions of Horror album here… or, of course, you can just enter this contest and hope you win!

death and gruesome CUBLOTW

To win, identify the name of the band whose logo appears below, then fill out the form beneath it with your guess and your name and address.  From everyone who gets it right, we’ll randomly select one winner and announce his or her name next week.

Here’s this week’s logo, which is hard, but hopefully not as hard as last week’s. Good luck, gang!

CUBLOTW 06_28_2016

Oops! We could not locate your form.

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