Metal Musicians Spotted in Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go came. Pokemon Go saw. Pokemon Go conquered.

When’s the last time anything got so ridiculously popular literally overnight? The Pokemon Go hype is real because we secretly all wish we were Pokemon trainers instead of semi-responsible adults. We here at MetalSucks are no exception to this hype but, unfortunately, we’re stuck here grounded in that damn thing called reality.

So instead of dropping out of the blogosphere and sacrificing our razor sharp reporting and hard-hitting content, we figured there needed to be a compromise after Gear Gods posted a picture of Misha Mansoor’s face on the body of a Bulbasaur. We needed more metal musician Pokemon… so we created our own.

And yes, this is what we do all day.


A photo posted by Gear Gods (@geargodsnet) on

Aggron Amarth


Corey Taylster

Dave Luxraine

Jame Hetweaville

Kerry Kingdra

Kirk Hambanette


Randy Growlblythe

Serj Tankgroudon

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