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The Absence Release First New Song in Three Years, Announce New Guitarists

  • Axl Rosenberg

Major news for fans of The Absence, who have repeatedly proved themselves to be one of the best America melo-death bands out there today: the group have released their first new song in three years, “Septic Testament.” As a bonus, the song is also the first to feature their two new guitarists, Joey Concepcion (Armageddon) and Taylor Nordberg (Ribspreader, Infernaeon).

Drummer Jeramie Kling (also of Necromancing the Stone infamy) had the following to say regarding the band’s new line-up:

We had Per Nilsson [Scar Symmetry] playing guitar with us when we put out ‘Oceans’ in 2013, but he was unable to tour with us so we had to find a fill-in guitarist.  Taylor and I had played together in Infernaeon and so we’ve had him playing with us live since 2013.  When Per became tied up with Scar Symmetry full-time Taylor was the obvious choice to be a permanent member.  Then last summer Pat [Pintavalle, guitar] decided to leave the band to pursue his own musical ventures.  I had been friends with Joey on Facebook and had seen his insane guitar videos so we invited him down to jam with us and bam! The rest is history.”

The band is now recording their new album at Kling’s Smoke & Mirrors Productions, and are aiming for an early 2017 release. Says vocalist Jamie Stewart of that endeavor:

“Writing this album with Jeramie, Taylor and Joey has been a fantastic experience to say the very least.  For me personally, it brought back a feeling of the early days when we first started playing; back to a time when it was all together, a visceral experience, long before the business side sunk its inevitable hooks in.  I cannot wait for the world to hear the best album this band has made to date!”

I can’t wait! And if you’re smart… neither can you! In the meantime, turn your speakers out LOUD and blast “Septic Testament” below. You can also buy it for all of one dollar here.

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