Are You Into Castle Yet?!?! (New Video)



Imagine it: You and your partners have shed blood, sweat, and tears to create an awesome song. You strike a business deal then release the song to a world of listeners and, as you had so hoped, it turned out great. It’s a success in the precise measure that its nature allows, and results in fame for its creators. It’s in the history books and on our minds. But on a million-to-one shot, another perfect track just happens to arrive at the same time as yours. It’s a bit awesomer, a fraction more fun, and slightly sexier. It’s Pulp Fiction to your Shawshank Redemption. It better grips our attention. Any other day, you and your team would be gold, but chance has handed you the silver.

That’s the fate of whatever artist thought they were the one(s) to release this week’s best single. For Castle’s “Flash Of The Pentagram” earns those honors over even spectacular, genius songs. Bad luck for other artists, great deal for us.

Castle’s Welcome To The Graveyard came out a few Fridays ago via Van. Get it here.

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