Video: Guy Jams Out on Unique Two-Neck Guitar


While most people struggle with trying to master an ordinary guitar with one neck, the guy in the video I’m about to show you via Gear Gods has flawlessly learned how to play on two simultaneously. Sure, we’ve all seen stuff like this before, but it’s still mind-boggling every time.

The guitarist featured in the video is Terence Hansen, and he’s giving the world a preview of his song “Ein Lasht Beer.” I bet you can guess what it’s supposed to be about. From what I understand his left hand is triggering some sort of piano/strings parts via the guitar’s synth pick-up, while his right hand is laying down those delightful meadily-mes that everyone fawns over. I have a very loose grasp on how he’s doing what he’s doing from an effects standpoint, but if you’re anything like me you’ll stop trying to figure out the technicalities, sit back and let your jaw drop for almost a full minute.

If nothing else, you’ve gotta compliment the man’s coordination. If I was that ambidextrous I’d probably just waste it on something silly like swapping my fork and knife, or masturbation.

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