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Jimmy Bower (Down, Eyehategod) is Releasing a Country Album; Here’s a Song Called “Yesterday”


Down drummer and Eyehategod guitarist Jimmy Bower will be releasing a country record at some point in the future. That much is apparent from the very brief statement that accompanied “Yesterday,” the first track he’s released to the public, on Soundcloud: “A track off of my upcoming solo record!”

And that is all that is known about the upcoming album. No release date, no list of collaborators, no description of inspiration, no nothin’.

So let us judge the track completely on its own merits: it’s good! I’d call it more bluegrass/folk than country — fiddle features prominently above a backdrop of acoustic guitar and drums — with a slow, relaxed, front-porch-sitting, lazy summer day vibe. Bower’s unpolished croon, distant enough from the mic to feel the room it was recorded in, lends gravitas to the track, although truth be told I can’t understand what he’s saying here. But that photo with what I presume is his daughter… my heart-strings, pull at them, why don’t you!

We’ll give you more when we have it.

[via The PRP]

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