DevilDriver to Record New Necrophagist Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

During a recent interview with Loudwire, DevilDriver/Coal Chamber vocalist Dez Fafara outlined DevilDriver’s plans for the rest of 2016:

“We’re gonna continue to tour with Hatebreed and come off the road a day before Halloween. We’re going to take November and December off and go into the studio and do something very special. We’re going to record something real special. It’s not a new record, well, not a new original record, but something really special.”

When asked for more details, Fafara categorized the mystery project as “Something VERY special” and then sang a few lines of a Jamey Johnson country song from 2006, “Keepin’ Up With The Jonesin’.”

Now, the obvious inference to be made here is that DevilDriver are going to record an album of country covers. But that assumption is based on the idea that Dez Fafara either doesn’t know what the word “special” means, or is deliberately overhyping something for the sake of attention. Because while a DevilDriver country covers album may or may not be good, it almost certainly will not be special, really special, VERY special, or any other variation thereof.

Personally, I give Fafara more credit than that. Which is why I’m assuming that DevilDriver are either recording a new Necrophagist album, a new Tool album, a new Guns N’ Roses album with the band’s reunited line-up, or a new Black Sabbath album with a resurrected Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Now THOSE are all things that would qualify as being really, VERY, EXTRA-SUPER-DUPER special.

Now, you may be wondering: How the hell can DevilDriver record a new Necrophagist album or Tool album or GN’R album or Dio-era Sabbath album when DevilDriver are not Necrophagist, Tool, GN’R, or Dio-era Sabbath? Once again, I’d argue you’re not giving Fafara enough credit. The fact that DevilDriver have figured out a way to achieve this incredible feat is surely part of what makes this new recording so really very extra-super-duper-duper-duper special.

So, there ya have it, folks: new Necrophagist or Tool or GN’R or Dio-era Sabbath album coming in 2017, courtesy of DevilDriver! WHOO-HOO!!!

[via The PRP]

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