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Dark Tranquillity’s New Song Will Make You Shake Your “Atoma”

  • Axl Rosenberg

What I can say about the title track from Dark Tranquillity’s new album, Atoma, that hasn’t been said about every other Dark Tranquillity song ever written?

No. I’m really asking. I have no idea what there is left to say about a band that’s been doing the same thing over and over and over again seemingly forever. I don’t even mean that as a knock. I’m just saying, you’re either new to metal, or you already know if you like Dark Tranquillity or not. And if you’re new to metal, i) Hi! Welcome!, and ii) You oughta listen to this regardless because you should have at least some passing familiarity with this band.

So if you already know you like Dark Tranquillity, or you’ve never heard Dark Tranquillity before, listen to “Atoma” the song below. Atoma the album drops November 4 on Century.

If you already know you don’t like Dark Tranquillity, I don’t know why you’ve read so much of this blog post.

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