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Filthy, Punishing and Extremely Dark: Age of Woe’s “Voices of the Unheard”


A few weeks back we told you about Age of Woe, a band we were so excited about that we couldn’t help but feature their 2013 release in our “Unsigned and Unholy” column despite the pending announcement and arrival of a brand new album.

Now that new album — An Ill Wind Blowing — is almost here, and the band’s released a song from it with a music video, too. “Voices of the Unheard” has all the things that struck us about this band the first time around; its deathy doom metal on the surface, but I’d be surprised if these guys didn’t listen to plenty of hardcore growing up. The combination is straight fierce (we ain’t no glamour boys!), the kind of gut-punching metal of dark nights doing even darker things. Fans old school DM and newer revivals of that style with hardcore elements — think Entombed and Tombs, respectively — are gonna wanna jump all over this.

An Ill Wind Blowing comes out on October 14th on War Anthem Records; pre-order here.

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