The Funniest Thing Jonathan Davis from Korn Has Ever Said

  • Axl Rosenberg

I wasn’t in a great mood when I woke up this morning.

Then I read this new interview Teamrock.com conducted with Jonathan Davis from Korn.

Asked why he thinks nu-metal is making a comeback, Davis responded thusly:

“I think people missed musicianship, good songs, melodies, all of the stuff that we do.”

Now I’m in my second pair of underwear for the day, ’cause after reading that, I pissed myself laughing.

Let’s play a game. First, identify a metal band that has become really successful since Korn’s heyday ended in the early aughts (e.g., Mastodon, Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold, Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, etc.), or a lauded metal musician whose career didn’t begin until after that same period (e.g., Kevin Talley, Dave Davidson, Evan Brewer, etc.).

Then, corner that musician/a member of that band at a meet n’ greet or clinic and play them this video:


Then ask them why they allowed good musicianship in metal to go away.

Then see if you can run away before they smack you upside the head.

[via The PRP]

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