Todd Jones Explains the Whole Nails “Hiatus” Thing

  • Axl Rosenberg

Last week, Nails announced a new split with Full of Hell and an appearance at The Power of the Riff Fest, both for December. And although you’d think Nails fans would be happy about this news, some weren’t — ’cause when the band cancelled a tour of the U.K. in July, the promoter said it was “due to the band going on sudden hiatus.”

Todd Jones Explains the Whole Nails “Hiatus” Thing

But those cranky fans will no doubt have their frowns turned upside down by Nails frontman Todd Jones’ explanation for all the confusion (via Team Rock):

“We never went on hiatus, we just cancelled a bunch of dates.”

I didn’t edit that to be funny. That’s the whole explanation for really reals.

I have to assume that the brevity of Jones’ quote will only further enrage some Nails fans — and I can’t say I blame ’em. It’s weird that no one in the Nails camp thought to release this kind of statement back in July. Why would you allow your fans to continue to think you’re on hiatus if you’re not? The only answers that come to my mind are all cynical, so I’ll leave it you to speculate in the comments section.

And for what it’s worth to those disappointed U.K. fans who didn’t get to see Nails: you didn’t miss anything.

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