Dance Gavin Dance’s Jon Mess and Will Swan on The MetalSucks Podcast #169


The MetalSucks Podcast with Chuck and Godless / JabberjawJon Mess and Will Swan of Dance Gavin Dance guest this week on your favorite metal podcast. We talk about how the band is shunned by metal fans and where they believe that comes from, how they have succeeded while so many others have failed, and their latest release, Mothership. We also talk about their perspective on the rotating door at their lead singer position, and how that changes the way they write music and what they are able to do as a band.

We talk more about the lead singer problem in light of the big news this week that Asking Alexandria dumped their new singer to take back their old one. Who has that worked for in the past and how might it feel for the people involved? Is it a “grass is always greener” issue, or the thrill of the chase? It worked for Anthrax, TesseracT and several other bands; fans certainly seem to want the old guy back. Well, except in Iron Maiden…

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Dance Gaving Dance – “Chucky Vs. The Giant Tortoise”
Whores – “Participation Trophy”

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