Obituary Bassist on Trump’s Plans for Mexico Wall: “What’s Wrong with Protecting Your Borders?”


The past week has provided plenty of commentary from well-known metal musicians about the results of the U.S. presidential election. Most have expressed outrage and/or fear, while very few — aside from the usual suspects — have come out in support of Trump.

Tally one in the Trump column: Obituary and former Death/Massacre bassist Terry Butler. While it wouldn’t be fair to call Butler a whole-hearted Trump supporter (based on his comments here, anyway), he’s willing to excuse the “stupid things” Trump says — i.e. the blatantly racist, misogynistic and otherwise extremely offensive things — rather than have “four more years of Obama.” Let’s take a look at a quote from an interview with Mammoth Metal TV:

“Well, you know, I kind of like [Trump’s victory] the way… I mean, I know he says things… He says things like a guy in a bar would say. I’m on the road a lot and I hear this kind of talk all the time backstage. He says stupid things. Hillary’s actually done stupid things that actually hurt and has killed people. And with Hillary, you’re gonna get four more years of Obama, and I don’t want that.”

Here’s the problem with that logic: Donald Trump is not “a guy in a bar.” He’s the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. And it’s not just “stupid things;” it’s terribly offensive and hateful things. Trump’s election has legitimized all the offensive and terrible things “a guy in a bar would say,” and given license for that hatred to spread.

Butler’s argument that Hillary has “actually done stupid things” also holds no weight; Trump hasn’t ever held political office! Just you wait, Terry, he’ll do plenty of stupid things that hurt and kill people, don’t worry.

“I understand everyone’s concerns about Trump, you know… building a wall [along the Mexico-U.S. border]. But hey, what’s wrong with protecting your borders? In this day and age, there’s people that wanna kill you and everything about you. If you don’t believe in their religion, or you don’t look the way they do, or do what they want you to do, they’re just gonna kill you. We see it all the time, you know — Paris, the Bataclan, Brussels airport… I can name hundreds of incidents. What’s wrong with protecting your borders? I don’t have a problem with that at all. So… we’ll see. It’s gonna be interesting, definitely. [Laughs]”

The irony of Terry citing discrimination to defend a policy that will do exactly that is too much to handle.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the kinds of logical people that voted for Trump.

[via Blabbermouth]

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